Compact Disc Packaging
Since 1997 Upright has worked directly with artists and record companies to create complete camera ready packaging in all sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8 panels as fold-out or stapled booklets in either jewel cases or digipaks.

Scroll through the CD covers show above and click on any cover to view it's package design.

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"Jack Frisch really did a great package design on my recent CD "Take It From The Top". I really appreciated his attention to detail and the way he coordinated the package to showcase my original art."

Bob James

"His understanding of the music and his dedication to the process have made for four beautiful CD packages. He gives 200% to make sure that the client is happy and the product is tailored to our needs. I'd have no hesitation to work with him again and to recommend him as an art director and photographer."

Bibi Green
Producer and Manager for Marcus Miller